Graphic Industry

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality web offset heatset silicones emulsions, BRB helps print houses improving print efficiency, image quality and production costs.

For high-quality printing materials with high color imposition, BRB silicone emulsions will eliminate streaks and spots on web offset heatset printing machines.

BRB offers a specially formulated range for the heat-set web offset printing industry:

  • Standard Emulsions
  • High Speed Emulsions
  • Waxil® Emulsions
  • Silky and bouncy hand feel
  • Fabric slickness
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Leveling, wetting improvement
  • Foam control in alkaline and surfactant rich media

A wide choice of products in various concentrations to to cover the following needs:

  • Cost effective grade for super calendered (SC), light weight coated (LWC) or coated paper
  • Enhanced quality grade on uncoated / newsprint paper
  • Very high speed printing, anti-mist effect
  • Long lasting gloss
  • Smearing and streaking reduction, mar resistance

Product benefits

  • Superior wetting properties ensuring a perfect remoistening
  • Antistatic effect
  • Outstanding dilution stability
  • No corrosion to machinery
  • Environmental Friendly