Silicone Emulsion

With an extensive experience in silicones, BRB is the largest independent producer of a wide range of cost effective silicone emulsions. We have grown expertise on this core technology over the years.

Our silicone emulsions are harmless and stable products used in many industrial applications requiring lubrication, gloss, water repellent and release properties. Silicone emulsions can use three emulsifier systems. Most emulsions are non-ionic as they are compatible with either of the other two systems but depending on the application, cationic or anionic emulsions can be required.

BRB offers a wide range of silicone emulsions for the following applications:

    Silicone Emulsion
  • Mould release
  • Polish
  • Water repellent
  • Lubricant
  • Personal care
  • Graphic industry

BRB has wide customization flexibility and is offering the possibility to eliminate most single sourcing issues.