Personal Care

The Power of Smart Ingredients - With an extensive experience in silicones, BRB is the largest independent producer in the world who gained a unique supplier position in Personal Care.

BRB is offering a wide range of cost effective ingredients and has shown the ability to supply in all situations over the years. BRB has a wide customization flexibility and is offering the possibility to eliminate most single sourcing issues. Being used in many industries, silicones are particularly valuable in Personal Care. Their application varies from gloss enhancer to carrier material for active ingredients. Also, they are used in the Personal Care Industry for aesthetic effects in end products. BRB offers a wide range of solutions in all personal care areas including hair care, body care and color cosmetics.

Body Care

Silicones improve moisturisation and radiance and enhance a soft and refreshed skin feeling. Next to that, they improve spreadability and water resistance of skin formulations.
BRB has wide customization flexibility and is offering the possibility to eliminate most single sourcing issues.

Color Cosmetics

Silicones give an elegant, silky feel to color cosmetics, improving an evenly spreading of pigments. Moreover, they enhance the long-lasting of formulations, as well as water resistance.

Hair Care

Silicones are used in hair care products to improve conditioning and to meet the increasing consumer demands such as frizz control, increased shine, heat and color protection, improved combing and also to create a long-lasting soft feel.

    Silicones within personal care offer:

  • Outstanding sensory features: soft, smooth touch and silky feel
  • Shine and gloss maximization
  • Enhancement of aesthetic effects, matte finish
  • Smooth and easy application with improved spreadability
  • Non greasy lubrication, combability and anti-static effect
  • Long lasting protection of hair, skin and colors
  • Superior formulation aid: compatibility, material carrier for active ingredients.

    Products used:

  • Dimethicones: Outstanding emolliency and lubricity
  • Volatile Fluids: The user friendly solvent
  • Phenyl modified Fluids: Super bright gloss
  • Polymer/Cyclic-Fluid Blends: Non-occlusive protective barrier coats
  • Silicone Emulsions: Conditioning agents
  • Dimethicone Copolyols: Silicone compatible surfactants
  • Silicone Crosspolymers: Superior rheology modifiers
  • Silicone Resins: Protective films with long lasting effect

  • BRB also has a wide range of White oils and White petroleum Jellies available.